5 of the Best Digital Savings Cards in 2023

April 17, 2023

These days, businesses across nearly every industry must continuously search for new ways to not only attract new customers, but also to keep them as recurring clientele. While there are numerous ways to do this, a popular option in 2023 is the digital savings card.

These rewards programs offer financial incentives to their customers, and it doesn’t just help to grow a business. It also provides a more fulfilling customer experience. If you’re looking for some of the best savings cards available, continue reading our list of some of the best we’ve found for 2023.

Top digital savings cards for this year.

AMC Stubs.

As home entertainment systems become more affordable and the streaming age takes over, fewer people are going to the movies as often as they once did. AMC came up with a brilliant solution to counteract the slowdown with their AMC Stubs digital savings card program. It’s a free program to join, and users get points for every dollar they spend which they can cash in for actual money. Other perks include discounted tickets on Tuesdays, free popcorn refills, and other special offers.

Sephora Beauty Insider.

The Sephora Beauty Insider rewards program offers a 1 point for every 1 dollar spent system, and 500 points gives the member $10 off a qualified purchase. Users have different loyalty tiers to choose from, with the higher levels unlocking additional benefits such as first access to products and free shipping. However, what makes the Sephora Beauty Insider program so successful is that it’s not simply about monetary savings. It also offers emotional connections in the form of beauty classes, community events, and access to exclusive collections.


FARFETCH Limited has become a leading global platform for the luxury fashion industry, and it’s maintained its popularity due in part to its Access digital savings card. Users simply need to create an account and make a purchase to become automatically enrolled in the program, and they’re placed into a specific tier depending on the size of their purchase. Rewards run the gamut from early access to sales to free shipping, exclusive discounts, and a fashion concierge to help with your shopping.

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Starbucks Rewards Loyalty Program.

Starbucks has become synonymous with coffee across the country partly because of its products, but also because of its customer experience. The Starbucks Rewards Loyalty Program plays a big part in the latter portion. It’s a simple program, but an effective one. Essentially, members can place an order using the mobile app to collect points. Those points can then be cashed in at a later date. It’s helpful for Starbucks because it promotes repeat business, and it helps them tailor your experience based on your user data.

Dollar Off Drinks digital savings card.

If you live in the Greater Orlando area and enjoy a night out with friends or family, this is a must-have. This digital savings card can be downloaded directly to your phone’s digital wallet, and any time you visit a participating venue, you simply show them the card and you’ll receive $1 off your drink purchase. You can use the discount on beer, wine, cocktails, tea, coffee, and soda. Memberships are affordable and range from a 30-day membership all the way up to annual cards. It’s the perfect way to visit new destinations and save money at the same time.

Are you looking for ways to save in 2023?

Extend your happy hour with Orlando’s best value – the Dollar Off Drinks discount beverage card. Your card is good for unlimited use for the duration of the length of card you purchase, and it includes venues in popular hot spots like Disney Springs, International Drive, and Downtown Orlando.

If you still have any questions, check out our helpful FAQ, or you can purchase your card and start saving today.

April 18, 2023