Can You Get Discount Drinks in Restaurants in Orlando?

November 14, 2022

One of life's greatest pleasures is the occasional night out with the squad. But let's be honest. It can also slightly blow your budget. The good news is you can get great discounts on your food and beverage orders whenever you’re out and about in Orlando. You may even save enough money to buy yourself a lovely dinner too!​

Here’s how to get discount drinks in restaurants in Orlando.

Check for Happy Hour Specials

Many restaurants offer discount drinks during specific hours called Happy Hour. You can snag discount drinks like cocktails, wine, and beer at many local bars and restaurants during these times.

For example, some restaurants may offer $2 off all beer and wine from 4-7 pm Monday-Thursday. Others may provide half-priced cocktails from 9-11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Do a quick search online or call ahead to find out if the restaurant you're interested in has any happy hour specials.

Take Advantage of Restaurant Specials

Many restaurants in Orlando offer discount drinks as part of a special promotion. For example, some places may provide wine discounts if you order two entrées. You might get an appetizer for free when you buy any drink.

If you have kids with you, some restaurants offer discount drinks for them too. For example, some places may offer a free kid's drink by purchasing an adult entrée. And if you're dining solo, some may offer a discount on beer or wine if you order a certain amount of food.

Watch out for these types of specials when perusing menus. Even if a restaurant has no discount drinks listed, it never hurts to ask your server if any promotions or specials are going on that you can take advantage of.

Look for Early Bird Specials

If you're flexible with your dining times, you can snag discount drinks by dining during off-peak hours. These are typically offered during the weekdays and require you to be seated before a particular time.

You'll usually get a discount on your bill in exchange for early dining. This discount may include a percentage off your total bill or a discount on specific items like appetizers and drinks.

Early bird specials are a fantastic approach to cutting costs if you are okay with eating a little earlier than usual or if you are not a fan of crowds. Check the restaurant's website or call them beforehand to know when the early bird discount expires.

Use a Dollar Off Drinks Card

Signing up for a Dollar Off Drinks card is a good idea if you frequently dine out with friends and family. This card in your phone's digital wallet will get you discount drinks at participating restaurants in Orlando.

Dollar Off Drinks is our app that allows you to pay for your drinks with your phone and get $1 off each order. The app is free to download and you can purchase your card on our website.

As you show your card to your server when ordering, they will deduct a dollar from your bill. Whatever drink you may want to order, whether it's a cup of coffee, soft drinks, or even mocktails, this card can save you money.

Buy a Discount Card Online

Enjoy your favorite beverage without breaking the bank by purchasing a Dollar Off Drinks card online via our app. Find the best participating Orlando restaurants near you and get discount drinks today.

The Dollar Off Drinks card is an affordable way to dine and drink in Orlando restaurants. Get yours today. Reach out now by calling (407) 550-3631 or through our contact form. You can also email us at

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