How Much Do I Save With Dollar Off Drinks?

August 22, 2021

With the Dollar Off Drinks card, you never have to worry about initial costs surpassing the actual profits. Here at Dollar Off Drinks, we're committed to offering a product that actually saves our users money. We do this by keeping costs low and offering discounts at over 75 locations across Florida. 

The wide variety in locations makes it easy for our users to make their money back and then some after just a few weeks of using their card to get a dollar off drinks at their favorite Florida eateries. Unlike many other discount codes, cards, and coupons, our cards can be used as many times as you'd like before their expiration date. 

Save Money While Eating Out

Of course, the money you save will be dependent on how often you go out to eat. The average American eats out almost six times per week. Also, people in Florida spend an average of $3,253 annually on dining out. Surprised at these astronomical numbers? The cost of eating at restaurants can really pile up over time, but that doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of them. 

People on vacation naturally tend to eat at restaurants more often, but let's say you dine out as frequently as the average American. If you eat at restaurants that offer the Dollar Off Drinks discount, you could easily save $6 a week. That's $24 in a month, $144 in six months, and $312 in a year. 

We've kept our prices low to ensure that you'll turn a profit from using our cards. Our 30-day card is $15, our 6-month card is $25, and our 1-year card is $40. Simply put, you could save anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars with a Dollar Off Drinks card. Many people actually use our cards to save for bigger purchases, such as new phones, upcoming vacations, and much more.

Who Saves the Most Money?

Our cards are intended for Florida locals and people visiting Florida. Florida locals should opt for the 1-year card, as this will save them a considerable amount of money if they eat at participating locations. People visiting Florida for a few weeks can opt for our 30-day card to avoid spending more than they'll make back.

While our cards are still a great choice for solo travelers, they're also a must-have for families traveling with young kids. After all, the Dollar Off Drinks card won't just save YOU money. By saving money on your children's drinks, you can double or even triple the savings stated above!

Get Your Card Online Today!

Ready to start saving on orange juice, wine, and everything in between? The good news is, purchasing your very own Dollar Off Drinks card couldn't be any easier. There's no paperwork necessary; all you have to do is purchase your card on our website and download the free app from the iOS or Android store.

It won't be long until you've made your money back and then some, so why don't you start saving today? If you have any questions for us or would like to recommend a restaurant for us to partner with, please feel free to contact us. You can reach out to our friendly team by emailing or calling (407) 550-3631. We'd be happy to hear from you!