Orlando Drink Deals to Celebrate the 4th of July on a Budget

May 15, 2022

Celebrating on holidays doesn’t have to cost a fortune. But saving money doesn’t mean you have to celebrate at home or compromise on where you go. It’s possible to stick to your budget while still having a great time at Orlando’s best restaurants, clubs, and bars when you plan a little and follow drink deals to save money. Don’t miss out on your favorite holidays because you’re tight on cash. Here are some of the best drink deals in Orlando for celebrating July Fourth.

Dollar Off Drinks

Dollar Off Drinks is a drink card that’s easy to use at all of Orlando’s best bars, clubs, and restaurants. You can even save money when you celebrate at Orlando’s amusement parks, including Icon Park, Wild Florida, and Fun Spot America.

The card is totally digital, so you never have to worry about whether it’s in your wallet or fumble around with an extra card when it’s time to pay.

Dollar Off Drinks partners with venues across Orlando to extend happy hour all night long. You can take a dollar off every drink you order, no matter what. Just a few of the bars and restaurants where you can celebrate July Fourth on a budget include:

  • American Social
  • Rockpit Brewing
  • Stonewall Bar
  • Cafe Tu Tu Tango

When you order, just tell your server you have a Dollar Off Drinks card, and you’ll save a dollar on every drink you order on the Fourth of July.

Go to a Fourth of July party in Orlando

Holiday parties hosted by bars, clubs, or organizations are a great way to celebrate on a budget. There are usually specialty drink sales and deals on food. While some require a ticket purchase to get in, you can still save money with discounted specials. Some of the most popular Fourth of July parties in Orlando include:

  • Lake Eola Park Firework at the Fountain: enjoy food, drink, and vendors before an epic firework display
  • Promenade at Sunset Walk: hear DJs, see the car show, and shop at local vendors
  • Orlando Music Festival: enjoy great music, food, and drinks at the Central Florida Fairgrounds

There’s no shortage of free Fourth of July events around Orlando. You can shop locally and enjoy affordable food and drink before seeing a fireworks display.

Attend a block party in your neighborhood

Block parties are a great way to celebrate holidays with your friends, family, and neighbors without spending a lot of money. If you’re unsure if there’s a block party in your area, organizing one is a great way to throw a bash for the Fourth of July and get to know your community.

Instead of spending a lot of money going out to a bar or club, you can make something to share with your neighbors while still having a good time.

Sign up for Dollar Off Drinks and get access to the ultimate source of drink deals in Orlando.

We founded Dollar Off Drinks because we knew how frustrating it was not to be able to go out to enjoy Orlando’s restaurants and nightlife without spending a lot of money. By working with the hottest spots in the city, we created the ultimate drink card that lets our cardholders bring happy hour with them wherever they go.

Take a dollar off every drink you order in Orlando, whether a glass of wine, beer, or cocktail. The Dollar Off Drink card even works for soda, iced tea, and coffee. Start saving money the next time you dine out by buying a drink card and adding it to the digital wallet on your phone.

Do you love to dine out and enjoy the nightlife but want to stick to a budget? Use Dollar Off Drinks for the ultimate drink deals in Orlando.

Image of fourth of July balloons celebrating drink deals in Orlando.