The best cheap low-calorie drinks to get in Orlando

April 18, 2022

Most alcoholic beverages are usually high in calories so if you’re working on losing weight, you need to watch what you drink too. But that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the good stuff. With the right choice of drinks, you can still indulge while maintaining a healthy body weight.

At Dollar Off Drinks, we want to keep you updated on the best cheap low-calorie drinks available in bars and restaurants in Orlando. Even better, with our Dollar Off Drinks discount program, you don’t need to pay full price for the drinks. Instead, you save a dollar every time you order a drink.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the best cheap low-calorie drinks you can get in Orlando, FL.

Tequila with lime

A low-calorie choice compared to a margarita, tequila with lime is a classic drink with less than 200 calories per glass. When ordering, choose a tequila that has minimal additives such as sugar since this can increase the calorie count.

White wine

Dinner date? Have a party? White wine is a chill sip as long as you choose the low-calorie versions, mostly dry white wines such as chardonnay, pinot blanc, pinot grigio, and sauvignon blanc. A glass typically contains 125 calories.

Syrup-free Mojito

A refreshing crowd-pleaser, you can still enjoy mojito minus the additional calories from sugar or syrup. Ditching the syrup can save you as much as 70 calories. To order, just ask the bartender to skip the syrup and add more lime juice and mint instead. You get the same refreshing drink at less than 100 calories.

Light Beer

Beer is typically heavy on calories but thankfully, there are numerous low-calorie options served in bars and restaurants all over Orlando. Simply go for the light option instead which usually has around 90 calories per 330 ml.

Gin and Tonic

Did you know that you can order a light version of Gin and Tonic? A go-to refreshing drink for many, you can reduce the calories by cutting the tonic by half. The result? A diet Gin and Tonic that has fewer calories than a typical glass of red wine.


A classic martini is a mix of gin and vermouth. For the low-calorie choice (less than 200 calories), ask your bartender to make you a dry martini so you get more liquor and less vermouth. Olives are optional.


Vodka Soda

The good news is soda water has zero calories so all you have to account for is the vodka. With less than 100 calories per glass, you can indulge with two rounds of vodka soda and still stay under a 200-calorie alcohol limit. What a treat!


Another drink that falls under the less than 100-calorie mark, a glass of champagne typically has 90 to 95 calories per flute. If you’re looking for a sparkling drink with a touch of sweetness, champagne is the drink of choice.

Old Fashioned

Don’t like to drink your bourbon straight? Ask your bartender for an old-fashioned. A glass typically has around 150 calories and has a slight hint of sweetness mixed with bitters for that distinct flavor.

Red Wine

Nothing pairs better with steak than red wine. For the low-calorie version, look for dry red wine to keep the calories low. Choices include cabernet sauvignon, syrah, and pinot noir.

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